How To Clean Windows

image of window being cleaned

When the sun is shining and you come to open the windows to let in the fresh air, the last thing you want to see is streaks and dust on a filthy window. Especially if you live on a main road or somewhere with a lot of pollution, dirt and grime can build up on your windows quite quickly.  

Follow this simple “how to clean windows” guide for our top window cleaning tips, so you can bring natural light back into your home and ensure your exterior is sparkling. 

Let’s get started with what you’ll need…   



Before you start    

Take a look at our DIY Safety Tips and be cautious when using chemical productsIf a ladder is needed, ensure it is set up on a completely stable and flat surface.  


1. Prep for cleaning

If you’re cleaning windows inside, remove all objects from the windowsill and take down any curtains or blinds. Use a duster to remove any cobwebs or dust – working from top to bottom, remembering to brush off the windowsill afterwards. That way, you avoid sweeping mess into an area you’ve already cleaned.  

For cleaning windows outside, repeat the same steps but if you are using a ladder, make sure to wear sensible footwear and place the ladder on a flat, stable surface. Buff your outside windows with crumpled-up newspaper for a little extra sparkle.  

Top tip: Take the opportunity to give your curtains a wash or spray with fabric freshener.  


2. Choose your cleaning solution

The best way to clean windows is with window cleaning solution and a cloth, or a bucket full of soapy water (washing-up liquid with warm water) and a non-abrasive sponge. Alternatively, you could create your own cleaning solution with vinegar and warm water, adding a little household ammonia or methylated spirit if you’ve got stubborn stains.  


3. Get cleaning

Start with the frames first so you don’t drip dirty water onto clean panes. Using an S-motion, wipe down your windows from top to bottom with your chosen cleaning solution. Squeeze out any excess before rubbing gently onto the glass.  


4. Perfect with a squeegee

Then, wipe off the excess water with a squeegee. From the top corner, work in a reverse ‘S’ pattern and when you reach each side of the window, clean away any suds or water with a dry cloth. Stubborn marks may need to be removed with a dry sponge.  

Top tip: Keep wiping the squeegee on a clean cloth to avoid smearing dirt on your clean panes.  


5. Buff and finish

image of microfibre cloth being used to clean windowsill

Finally, use a microfibre cloth to dry the windowpanes and windowsill. Avoid using paper towels, as they might leave lint and fibres on your windows, and instead use crumpled up newspaper to buff the windows and really make them sparkle.  

Top tip: Don’t forget to also buff the window frame edges.  




And that’s it – those are our window cleaning tips! Now you know how to clean windows, check out our other DIY ideas here or our Storage & Home inspiration here 



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