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How To Repair Patches In Your Lawn

How To Repair Patches In Your Lawn

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Plenty of lawns suffer from bald patches each year, often due to children and pets enjoying the garden in sunny months. Thankfully there’s no need to worry because we can help you select the right seed mix for your needs and make successful repairs to your lawn.

How to choose the best seed

Choosing the best grass seed for you will depend on what you use your lawn for.

Hard-wearing lawns : Lawn seed with ryegrass

Choose a lawn seed mix with added ryegrass to provide a hard-wearing grass ideal for the family & children’s play areas.

Premium lawns : Blended fine grass seed

Premium lawn seed mixes provide a blend of the best varieties of grasses ensuring a high quality lawn. e.g. Qualcast, Westland Smart Seed & Surestart.

Shady lawn : Seed mixture

Choose a special mix designed for shaded areas if your garden is sheltered and does not receive direct sunlight, e.g. at the corner of the house, under a tree or hidden beneath a trampoline.

How to repair a patch

Follow these simple steps to repair the patches in your lawn.

Step 1: Remove any debris

Use a lawn rake to remove any debris from your garden. It is important to rake your grass especially during autumn and winter as grass that is covered with leaves and other debris which can damage the lawn due to lack of light and air.

Step 2: Scatter a layer of top soil

Before you begin to sow your grass seed you need to scatter the area with a layer of top soil then next sprinkle the grass seed evenly over the area. You should take note that the seed is close enough together so no patches are left, but spread out enough for the grass to grow. Check the pack for recommended application rates.

Step 3: Protect your grass

To protect your newly sown grass seed from birds, cover the seed with a light sprinkling of top soil, taking care not to block all the light from the seeds.

Step 4: Water your seeds well

Finally, keep the newly sown grass well watered – a watering can fitted with a fine rose is perfect for lightly watering the area.

Top tips

  • Miracle-Gro Patch Magic, a revolutionary one step patching product containing grass seed, feed and coir compost which is perfect for repairing smaller patches.
  • On average a handful of seed should be sufficient to cover a 1m x 1m area.
  • Apply a high phosphate food as soon as the seeds have germinated.
  • For the first few months don’t cut your grass too short when mowing and use very sharp blades.



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