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Lawn Repair Tips

If you’re looking to revive bald patches on your lawn, our lawn repair tips will help you to achieve a beautiful green garden that your neighbours will envy.  

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Lawn patch repair  

Plenty of lawns suffer from bald patches each year, often due to children and pets enjoying the garden in sunny months. To revitalise your grass, follow our lawn repair tips below. 

Step 1: Remove debris 

Use a lawn rake to remove any debris from your garden. It is important to rake your grass during Autumn and Winter, as grass being covered with leaves and other debris can be damaging due to lack of light and air. 

Step 2: Scatter top soil 

Scatter the area with a layer of top soil, then sprinkle grass seed evenly over the patches. You should take note that the seed is close enough together, so no patches are left, but spread out enough for the grass to grow. Check the pack for recommended application rates. 

Step 3: Protect your grass 

To protect your newly sown grass seed from birds, cover the seed with a light sprinkling of top soil- but take care not to block all the light from the seeds. 

Step 4: Water your seeds well 

Keep the newly sown grass well-watered. A sprinkler or hose is perfect for lightly watering the area. 

Step 5: Add a feeder 

Finally, keep your lawn looking great throughout the season by adding a lawn feed product to stimulate growth and overall lawn health.  

And those are our top lawn repair tips! If you’re looking for some more garden and outdoor help & advice, check out our other guides here. 





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