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Achieve an unbeatable streak-free shine with our range of squeegees for stress-free glass cleaning.

From microfibre styles to classic rubber squeegees, we have a variety of squeegee attachments and extendable handles to get in even the most hard-to-reach corners, making window cleaning a breeze. Window cleaning isn't the only use for your squeegee - use it to remove excess water from shower screens and tiles to prevent watermarks and the build-up of limescale.

Whether you're looking to leave every window sparkling or want to keep your shower free from watermarks, browse our full range of squeegees in store or online today.


Make cleaning a breeze and keep your house in ship shape with the range of squeegees from Homebase. Squeegees draw water from window surfaces with a satisfying swipe after washing to leave them smudge, smear and mark-free in seconds.

Window cleaning squeegees at Homebase are great value for money and make a huge difference to how your home looks and feels. Whether your windows are large or small, long or wide, our professional window squeegees come in all shapes and sizes to fit any requirements, with a range of 10-inch, 14-inch and handled models available.

You can also use hand held squeegees to wipe water away from your shower or bath tiles, reducing the chance of mould forming on the grouting, or to finish off your Sunday car clean. Explore the full range of squeegees now at Homebase.