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Scourers & Kitchen Sponges

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The very toughest of kitchen cleaning jobs calls for a reliable scourer or hardy kitchen sponge. Even the most delicious of dishes can leave some burnt-on residue, but when you’re armed with a high quality kitchen scourer, you’re sure to make short work of any stains or stubborn leftovers.

Pots, pans and baking dishes all need a little extra elbow grease every now and then to keep them looking and feeling like new. Stock up on cleaning sponges from Homebase to get glistening results every time, even with those burnt-on stragglers the dishwasher can’t handle.

At Homebase we’ve got a range of options for you to choose from, including hard-core metal scourers, through to your slightly softer, but just as sturdy kitchen sponges. Whatever you need to cover in the kitchen, be prepared for anything by exploring our range online and in-store.