Repainting Render

Painting the exterior render has given the appearance of this home an immediate lift, while refreshing the garage door with an on-trend colour adds a modern edge.

before image

Our first impressions

The paintwork on this 1930s property was grubby and peeling, making the house look uncared for.  The gravel was oil-stained and untidy and the garden was overgrown and lacking character

after image

How we achieved the look

The exterior render has been re-painted to freshen the look. This immediately lifts the overall appearance of the house.

garage refreshed image

Garage refreshed

The garage door has been painted in a trend colour to give the property a modern edge.

tidy gravel image

Tidy gravel

The gravel has been raked and tidied to produce a neat finish.

new planters image

New bench and planters

A bench and painted planters add character to the front of the house.

other small jobs image

Other small jobs

The borders have been re-planted with colourful foliage and year-round planting, to add colour and structure in front of the hedge.  Cables on the front of the house have been tidied and new hanging baskets have been added to complete this transformation.



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