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How to Create the Perfect Space to Party with Angel

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Summer’s been a long time coming this year. As we start getting back to some sort of normality, it’s wonderful being able to host a small garden party with loved ones. Intimate, cosy and no closing up time, I truly believe your garden makes the best setting for a get-together.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to make a bit of a fuss over your guests. That’s why I’ve put together this handy video and instructional guide to help you entertain outdoors with style. So go on, give it a go and create your space to party in your very own garden.

Now you’ve seen how it’s done, let’s get started with what you’ll need: 

If you like the look of my garden furniture and decorations, you can find them here:  

Safety first

Before you begin, we recommend you read the DIY Safety Tips guide from Homebase. Be careful when using the adhesive spray and your tools to hang outdoor lights and other garden decorations. If you’re a bit of a novice, Dick has put together some helpful DIY Tricks you can see here.

If you’d like to download my instructions (to print at home), you can do so here:

Download instructions

  1. Start with the little things

    I always like to create memorable gifts for my guests when I’m hosting a garden party – or any party for that matter! Something to take home with them to remember the occasion.

    Here, I’ve created a little personalised packet of wildflower seeds. They’re super cute.

    Simply take small brown envelopes (or even better fold your own from brown paper) and add some wildflower seeds to them. To personalise them, I’ve added some dried flowers from the garden. These were flattened in a notebook and stuck to the front of the envelopes with adhesive spray.

    Then I add my guest’s name to each envelope – I like to use letter stamps – and we’re all done! How easy was that?

  2. Angel Strawbridge hanging outdoor lights

    Light it up

    Outdoor lighting, like lanterns and candles, is a wonderful way to create warmth and ambience. They make everything look magical and sparkly – and it also means you can keep the garden party going!

    I like to hang my lights to break up the space and add even more atmosphere to my garden.

    You may have a pergola or wall that’s perfect for this, but if not just put solar stake lights in the ground.

    You’ll be amazed at the difference a few well-placed lights can make.

  3. Add some soft touches

    A brilliant way to give your outdoor furniture some colour and texture is by adding cushions and throws.

    I find this helps to break up a garden set. Garden furniture is beautiful, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes it can be more functional than stylish. 

    Compliment their features and tones with colourful soft furnishings.  

    And you can even place your garden set on a rug for added effect. 

    These little touches might seem small, but you’ll amazed at how they elevate your everyday furniture into a garden party setting. 

    Now just add guests! 

  4. Bon appétit

    All that’s left to do is to set the scene. Add some tasteful placemats, glasses, and cutlery, and decorate your table with fresh flowers in a vase.

    I upcycled some old jam jars, which I painted before rubbing with sandpaper to give them a shabby chic look. Lovely!

    A few candles here and there and we’re all set. If this doesn’t feel like a Summer party, I don’t know what does!

    For us, it’s all about having friends and family over to our garden again, especially those we haven’t seen in a while for some food and drink.

    And, as always, it’s the little things that make it extra special. Santé!




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