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Real Christmas Trees

Picture it: a beautiful real Christmas tree standing proudly in your home. It glistens with colourful baubles and tinsel. It whispers of a wonderful Christmas time to come with its personal ornaments and twinkling lights. For many, real Christmas trees are symbolic of a Christmas spent with loved ones sharing in the good times of the festive season.

Here at Homebase, we tend to agree. There's just something incredibly special about the yearly tradition of finding, putting up and decorating a real Christmas tree. Maybe it's the fresh scent of pine needles filling your house. Maybe it's the look and feel of this natural spectacle. Maybe it's just the mood it puts you in.

You don't have to look far to find great real Christmas trees. We have a fantastic range right here at Homebase. This includes pot-grown Christmas trees, such as blue spruces growing as tall as 1.5ft to 3.5ft. We also have towering cut Christmas trees, like the Nordman and Fraser firs standing as tall as 6ft, 7ft or 8ft. Find the right tree size and type to suit your space. Afterwards, all you need to do is decorate it.

Browse our entire range of real Christmas trees at your local Homebase.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long do real Christmas trees last?

Real Christmas trees tend to last around 4 to 5 weeks depending on the type of tree. After this you'll notice your tree starting to dry out. It's best to find your real Christmas tree towards the end of November at the earliest to ensure it lasts for the entire festive season.

If you buy a real Christmas tree that hasn't been cut, you can plant it in a pot or in soil outside and then reuse it next year. Take a look at our blog to learn how to plant your Christmas tree.

How much are real Christmas trees?

The price of a real Christmas tree will depend on the size and type of tree you choose. Browse the range online or pop in-store to pick your dream tree.

How do you look after a real Christmas tree?

If you need advice on how to look after a real Christmas tree, read our blog on how to care for your Christmas tree.

How do you decorate a real Christmas tree?

Check out our blog to and learn how to decorate a real Christmas tree.

Where can I buy real Christmas trees?

You can buy real Christmas trees right here at Homebase, either online or at your nearest store. We stock a great range of real Christmas trees in various sizes, including 6-8ft Fraser and Nordman firs and 1.5-3.5ft blue spruces.

Can you put a real Christmas tree outside?

Yes, you can put a real Christmas tree outside. In fact, we recommend keeping your tree outside if you've bought it early in the season. This will help it last for longer. After the Christmas season, if you've got a pot-grown tree, you can plant it in your garden so you can potentially use it again next year.

You can discover how to plant your Christmas tree with our handy blog.