Kitchen Food Storage Ideas

an image of kitchen food storage

Always in awe of Pinterest-worthy pantries and the organised kitchens you see in magazines? With a little decluttering and organisation, you can have the perfectly tidy kitchen you’ve always wanted – without breaking the bank. To make your life easier, we’ve put together our top kitchen food storage ideas to get your kitchen looking Instagram ready.  

Labelled glass jars  

Whether it’s organising your pantry, larder or countertop, storing food in labelled glass jars will give your kitchen a clean and minimalistic look. Perfect for storing dried foods such as pasta, rice and grains, airtight glass storage jars will also help to keep fresh food at its best, for longer.  

We have a range of styles and sizes available, from stackable sets to sweet jam jars that will make a welcome addition to your kitchen décor. Create personalised labels for your jars so you can keep track of what you have and when things expire.  

Top tip: If you really want to create an Instagram-worthy kitchen, display your glass storage jars on floating shelves on your kitchen wall.  

Plastic pantry storage 

If you care less about aesthetics and more about convenience in your kitchen, opt for plastic food storage containers. Dry food storage containers are airtight and stackable, making them ideal for tidying up your pantry. The transparent window in the lid also makes it easy for you to see what’s inside. With a range of sizes available, there are different options for storing all of your dry food,  including nuts, seeds, cereal, and flour.  

Meal prep with food containers 

Ideal for those who want to save time by preparing meals in advance, Pyrex® containers can be placed directly into the oven from the fridge. Once your food is cooked, these containers come with a lid that has a steam releasing valve, allowing you to preserve the flavour by stopping excess moisture from being trapped within. These are perfect for meal preppers who want a quick and easy food storage solution.  

If you’re looking to organise your freezer, opt for our cook and freeze storage sets. These storage sets will keep your freezer tidy and allow you to conveniently store any leftovers. 

Store your essentials in style 

Do you want to keep your everyday essentials handy without cluttering your kitchen? From rustic bread bins to charming tea, coffee and sugar canisters, there are plenty of options to suit your space and keep your worktops clear.  

Top tip: If you like everything to match, check out our mixed kitchen storage sets to organise your essentials.  

Make the most of your fridge space 

Organised and aesthetic-looking fridges have become a major trend on social media recently. This new craze isn’t just another pointless fad, it will help you to keep an inventory of your food and consequently reduce your food waste. 

Maximise your fridge space with our fridge storage organisers. Store your cold foods in clear storage caddies, stack your drinks in a can organiser and keep your fresh fruit and veg in shelf storage boxes. 

Top tip: Our storage lids can double up as trays to help organise jars and sauces in your fridge.  

Maximise kitchen storage space with a trolley 

Perfect for smaller kitchens with limited cupboard space, kitchen trollies are a great extra storage solution. Whether you want to store your kitchen essentials in a sleek black storage trolley or keep your dry foods and wine in a more traditional kitchen trolley, we have something to suit a range of kitchen styles. 

Utilise wire baskets and racks  

Wire baskets are a great multi-purpose storage solution to organise your kitchen cupboards. Ideal for storing everything from crisps and sweets to apples and oranges, wire baskets can be placed on cupboard shelves or attached to the back of pantry doors.  

Attaching a spice rack to the back of a door or on your wall is another way to maximise your storage space whilst keeping your condiments and spices tidy.  

Top tip: Store your fresh fruit creatively by building wall mounted fruit hanging baskets. Attach three large baskets in a row and create changeable labels to display your produce.

And that’s how to declutter your kitchen with our food storage solutions. If you’ve enjoyed these kitchen food storage ideas, don’t forget to show us your Pinterest-worthy pantries on @Homebase_UK. Discover our other Kitchen inspiration guides here. 



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