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image of a lounge with dark patterned wallpaper a cream sofa with blue furnishings and a wooden coffee table

How you decorate your home is important. Painted or wallpapered walls help form the perfect backdrop to your photos or prints, while adding colour and personality to your home. Recently, people have become bolder and more willing to experiment with different wallpaper ideas. Maximalist wallpapers, such as those featuring bright colours, murals and different textures have all grown in popularity.

Read on to discover our favourite on-trend wallpaper ideas of late, so you can get inspired to make the most of your walls.


Textured wallpaper

an image of blue textured wallpaper

Textured wallpaper isn’t just nice to touch – it can help patterns stand out and make murals appear 3D.

If you’ve got your heart set on a specific colour for your walls, using textured wallpaper can add new depth and definition – making them appear lighter in some places and darker in others.

For bolder patterns and murals, textured wallpaper can emphasise specific details and elements – transforming your wall from a backdrop to the forefront of conversation and elevating the themes of your rooms.

Explore our range of textured wallpapers to help you find the ideal type for your room’s theme or function.

Top tip: As well as making your walls a talking point, textured wallpaper can help to cover uneven walls, as its raised surface will assist in hiding uneven walls.


 Wallpaper murals

an image of midnight blue mural wallpaper and a hanging chair

If you’d like to experiment with bigger and bolder colours and patterns, wallpaper murals make for a great feature wall.

Panoramic murals, like cityscapes, forests and mountainous scenes all have the necessary qualities to make your spaces feel bigger. This is because they add a feeling of depth – like you’re looking out at a view.

A landscape piece is a bold and impactful wallpaper design that will create an immersive statement piece and be the talking point of your room.

If you’re thinking about incorporating this wallpaper trend into your home, consider your furniture and colour scheme. A mural will take centre stage, so you need to be sure that your furniture complements your wallpaper.

No matter what your colour scheme or theme is, you’ll be sure to find a mural wallpaper for you here.


Maximalist wallpaper

an image of maximalist tropical paper and a wooden bench with a striped cushion

Like murals, maximalist wallpapers are on the up thanks to the bold statement they make. If you’re looking to refresh a room and have it reflect your personality, then an adventurous, maximalist wallpaper can help you achieve this.

Maximalism isn’t about cluttering and over-filling spaces, but about expressing what you like – including different patterns and colours.

See our range of maximalist wallpapers, including animal and bird prints, and geometric patterns, here.

Floral wallpaper

an image of green floral wallpaper and a side table with flowers and a photo frame on the top

Bright and bold are the wallpaper trends of the moment, and floral patterns and motifs fit the bill perfectly. In previous years, wallpaper would work as a backdrop to help build a room, but now wallpaper is often the focal point of a room.

Choosing a floral design isn’t all about bright colours – you may prefer to go for a more muted pastel or watercolour wallpaper. There’s something distinctively vintage about floral patterned wallpaper, and it pairs wonderfully well with vintage furniture.


Brick and stone effect wallpaper

an image of artificial red brick wallpaper and a long table with small wooden chairs

Exposed brick and stone are eye-catching and appealing backdrops, especially if you’re looking to give your room a rustic or industrial feel.

Making use of brick or stone effect wallpaper is also much less of a risk than exposing the brick behind your plasterboard. Exposed brick will need treating regularly to ensure cracks don’t appear and draughts can’t get in.

Brick and stone effect wallpapers also add a realistic texture to your walls, so you get all the benefits of exposing the brick without the hassle or costly treatments.


Wallpaper for your kitchen

Kitchen wallpaper has long been an after-thought, with many people choosing to paint the walls as this makes them much easier to clean, but that doesn’t mean wallpaper has no place in the kitchen.

Adding wallpaper to your kitchen can help to separate single-colour spaces and create different areas of the room, such as by distinguishing cooking areas from eating areas.


Wallpaper for your bathroom

Like in the kitchen, bathroom wallpaper comes with a caveat – the risk of wallpaper going damp or peeling if it gets too wet.

This isn’t to say wallpaper in your bathroom isn’t a great idea – subtle seascapes or murals with tones of light blue cam help you relax while you enjoy a soak in the tub.

Bathroom wallpaper can become a talking point if done correctly; a marble mural, for example, is a much more budget-friendly way of getting some texture into your bathroom. Plus, it’s certain to become the centrepiece of your space.


What’s next?

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