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Growing Frames

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Support and shape your climbing plants with growing frames from Homebase. Ideal for making the most out of limited ground space, use plant supports to add height to your garden, to encourage young plants, or to give structure to unruly shrubs and fruit trees.

Whether you need to prop up fragrant sweet peas or support bumper crops of cucumbers, we have a growing frame that fits the bill. Our range includes lots of interesting outlines to help your garden flourish, making it easy to create your own focal point without too much effort. These plant protection and support solutions combine practicality with serious style, helping your garden to grow from strength to strength while ensuring that it always looks its best.

Combine your growing frame with garden clips, ties and tags or create your own bespoke growing frame with garden canes and netting. If you're looking for a new climbing plant to train up your neww garden frame, then clematis, passion flower, virginia creeper, and climbing hydrangea are all popular and very beautiful options.

All our garden frame products are sturdy and covered with a special coating so that they stand up against the elements all year round. Browse the range at Homebase now.