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Cold Frames

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Keep the heat of the sun in and protect plants from the elements with a cold frame or garden cloche. Offering the benefits of a greenhouse in a portable and budget-friendly form, cold frames are an essential for keen growers.
A cold frame is a transparent enclosure that can be used alongside or as an alternative to greenhouses and potting sheds. Some models are made from steel or wooden frames with glass panels. However, the majority of our range consists or portable plastic cold frames that can be moved around vegetable patches and flower beds as desired.

Cold frames are designed to let in the sun, trapping in all-important heat while keeping your prized plants protected from wind, rain, frost, and pests. Cold frames are particularly useful for seedlings, protecting young plants when they're at their most vulnerable. A cold frame can also be used over the winter months to protect dormant plants until the arrival of spring. Salad leaves, beetroot, tomatoes, cabbages and carrots will all thrive in a cold frame over the winter months - making them ideal for a year-round kitchen garden. Combined with propagators and weed control fabric, a portable cold frame is a simple way to ensure a thriving garden.