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Garden Netting

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Protect your home-grown salad leaves, fruit trees and more from birds and bugs with our selection of high quality, great value garden netting. Choose between lightweight and heavy-duty nets to guide and protect your garden as it grows.


Garden netting is super easy to install; simply cut to size and fix in place with garden clips or ties. Our collection includes garden netting for a wide array of uses. Steel mesh makes for the perfect pet-proof fencing, so you can leave your furry friends to play in the garden with complete peace of mind. Fruit netting is designed to keep berries, apples and pears free from hungry birds, while pond netting is perfect for keeping fish safe from predators and makes it easy to keep your water features free from leaves and debris.

Combine your garden netting with weed control fabric to keep your garden growing from strength to strength. Cold frames and propagators are also a great solution for young shoots and delicate salad leaves at risk of being eaten by pests - always check the growing instructions when planting to ensure that you're providing seedlings with the environment they need to flourish.