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Woodcare is the key to keeping your furniture, fencing and decking protected, preserved and looking fresh for longer. In our range of interior and exterior woodcare products, you'll find woodcare treatments, stains and varnishes in a variety of finishes, from gloss to satin and matt. We also stock fade-resistant specialist wood paint to transform your outdoor space - whether you're planning on reviving an abandoned bench or shabby garden shed.

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Taking proper care of your woodcare is the best way to make sure it lasts longer and looks as good as new. Whether you need a wooden flooring treatment or decking oil, our range includes a variety of quality woodcare products and treatments for both indoor and outdoor use.

Interior woodcare

From varnish and polishes to oils and wax, woodcare products help to protect wooden furniture and flooring from spills and stains. Whether you're an avid furniture upcycler or want to protect your favourite table against the wear and tear of a busy family home, find everything you need in our woodcare collection.

Interior wood paint

With a colour range that spans from soothing neutrals to bold brights, it's never been easier to add a personal touch to your interior woodwork. Whether your doors, skirting boards or cupboards need a fresh coat of paint, find everything you need at Homebase. Take a look at our guide on how to paint interior doors for some helpful advice.

Exterior woodcare

From decking oils to garden furniture treatments, taking good care of your exterior woodwork will ensure that your fences, furniture and sheds always look their best and last longer. Explore our range of exterior woodcare treatments and products and take a look at our guides on how to paint and maintain decking and how to clean garden furniture for some top tips.

Exterior wood paint

From sheds and log storage to decking and deck chairs, bring your exterior woodwork up to date with a fresh coat of paint. Specially formulated to withstand the elements, it's never been easier to achieve a hardwearing finish. With a vast array of shades to choose from, there's something for every outdoor space. For some tips, read our guides on how to paint a fence and how to paint wooden garden furniture.