Orchid (1-spike) in Potted Ceramic

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Product Description

A trendy coloured ceramic range included a rich coloured Orchid 1-spike mix shows us a rich range of Orchid varieties like Cambria, Brassia, Miltonia, etc. Real lovely present for your most beloved persons.

Product Details

Additional information
With this range of Orchid a rich colourmix will be shown. Included upgrowing Orchids but also on a bow.
Colour of flower
Various (white, red, yellow, pink, bronze and purple)
Height approx 41-45cm and width approx 8-24cm
Care instructions
These Orchids doesn't flower twice so prune back the whole flower stem and keep plant dry en cool till new flower-stem is developed. Then start watering again and feeding and keep plant at room-temperature.
Colour of foliage
Green up to dark green
Planting instructions
Like all orchids, repotting is part of these Orchids life cycle and supports its root system.Select a pot size that is 1 inch (2 cm) larger across.This step usually is performed every 1 or 2 years and is critical to ensure continued development of your plant.Observe the bottom of the pot in order to visualize if roots still have space to grow.Repot just when the plant is producing new roots.Wait for a full month before adding any fertilizer again.
Rate of growth
Soil type
Only use orchid soil with a substantial amount of bark
Watering instructions
There are 2 flowering seasons that can be distinguished for cambria, one being the vegetation phase and the other its dormant state.Watering during the growth periodAppearance of new leaves shows that the plant is entering its vegetation phase.Water often but without overdoing it, so as to keep the roots from staying immersed in water.Prefer soft water or water that isn?t too hard.Add highly diluted special orchid fertilizer (divide recommended doses by 2) every other watering.Watering during the dormant stateCooler temperatures usually signal the onset of the dormant phase.This span of time usually matches fall and winter.Water as little as possible, about once a fortnight.Suspend adding fertilizer.Resume watering a bit more often when the cambria is bearing flowers.
Latin name
Cambria, Oncydium, Brassia hybrids
Eventual height
Approx. 41-45cm
Eventual width
Care Card
Safety information
Pot size
Room temperature
Room temperature is also relevant, even though the cambria orchid tolerates relatively cool rooms.The ideal temperature range is from 64?F to 75?F (18?C to 24?C).In summer, you can thus bring it out in the shade on your balcony, deck or terrace, in the garden.In any case, select a luminous location but without any direct sun.
Room position
Cambria requires maximum light levels but has an aversion to direct sun rays behind a window pane, like most indoor plants.The reddish pigmentation of its leaves is a sign that it is getting enough light.However, if leaves grow dark, it means that light is lacking.Bright red means it has too much light.
Feeding instructions
Cambria has a need for organic matter to support its growth. As mentioned above (section on watering), a suitable option is to provide it often with fertilizer in moderate amounts.Provide orchid fertilizer while your cambria is developing (leaf growth), most often from May to September.Better to have a small dose often than a high dose from time to time.Reduce the dose written on the fertilizer packaging by at least half.
Flowering period
All year round but naturally mostly in wintertime
Harvesting period
Sold in store as mixed variety code
Effect and finish
Ceramic pot
0, 8 liter
Also available in Colour
Bigger potsizes, cascades and with other added value
FirstKey SellingPoint
Very impressive collection of varieties and colours
SecondKey SellingPoint
Luxury Orchid mini mix finished with trendy ceramics
ThirdKey SellingPoint
Most Orchids with a fragrance
FourthKey SellingPoint
Fantastic gift
FifthKey SellingPoint
Luxury Orchid-range

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