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Black Bathroom Ideas

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We all know that black is the new black. Black bathrooms were once thought to be a no go, but this trend is set to be big in 2022 and beyond. Incorporating black into your bathroom creates an elegant ambience that feels clean, modern and sleek. Whether you want to commit to bold black walls or keep it subtle with black bathroom accessories, black has the power to transform your bathroom into a real feature space. Discover how to truly revamp your bathroom and stay on trend with our black bathroom ideas.

Black and gold  

Black and gold is a classic colour combination for a luxuriously striking look.  

Create a stunning feature wall in your bathroom with Grandeco gold and black wallpaper or antique gold paint to make the black features pop. Alternatively, incorporate smaller gold accents in a black bathroom with taps, towel rails and toilet roll holders an go for bold black tiles instead.  


Opting for a timeless monochrome design is the easiest way to incorporate black into your bathroom without overpowering the room.   

For a bold statement and a splash of fashionable flair, go for striped monochrome wallpaper or monochrome tiles .Then, switch out your old sink for a contemporary black and white sink from our bestselling Noir range. 

Add small monochrome details with accessories such as a decorative vase. Relax and unwind in a spacious bathtub and step out onto a super soft black bathmat. You can even incorporate this colour trend into your wall art with scenic prints 

Top tip: To achieve a monochrome look simply, swap out your classic white toilet seat for a sleek black one. 

Colour block 

Black works well with a simple colour palette, but also looks great paired with bold and bright shades. Adding a burst of vibrance into a black bathroom will create a modern yet edgy vibe.  

Get some privacy and add a splash of colour to your bathroom with a cool teal blind. Or, give your old bathroom furniture a new lease of life with a coat of furniture paint. Prints and canvases are also a great way to incorporate a pop of colour onto your bathroom walls. Finally, finish the room off with some colourful home furnishings.   

Top tip: We’ve got plenty of new colourful tiles that would pair well with black furnishings.  

Textured tiles  

Black tiles look classy and elegant in any bathroom and are a great way to incorporate this trend.  

Opt for all black wall tiles for a dramatic yet timeless feel. If you have old tiles that you want to make use of, use our Maison Deco black tile paint to give your bathroom a refresh. For a monochrome look, opt for our Fiore Eclipse or Cube Mono tiles.  

Top tip: Go the extra mile with black tile grout 

Accent wood elements  

To counteract the coolness of black, bring back a little warmth with natural wood elements. The richness of the wood will create a cosy vibe, as it contrasts well with flat black textures.  

The Noir basin and frame combines style and functionality. With its minimalist style and industrial look, the caramel tones of the wooden shelf add a stunning contrast. Combine with the Noir hanging shelf unit for a coordinated display and extra storage space to hold your favourite toiletries. For those with smaller spaces, mix black and wood with bathroom accessories such as tumblers, soap dishes,  a toilet brush and lotion dispenser.   

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Stylish storage 

Simple black storage solutions are a great way to incorporate black into your bathroom. They will also help to keep your bathroom tidy, creating a more spacious and open feel. 

Store your bath essentials in a handy multiuse basket that can be placed on the side of the bath or hung to the wall. Use smaller baskets to keep your toiletries clutter-free, and use larger baskets to store any cleaning products. A trolley is another smart storage solution for your bathroom. Keep your pampering products in a stylish trolley that can be kept near your bath and then moved away when out of use.  

Top tip: Floating shelves are another great storage solution for bathrooms with limited space.  

Matt metals

Black matt metals are super trendy and look effortlessly chic in a modern style bathroom. Use towel rails, a toilet roll holder and robe hooks. Swap out your old taps for matt black bath and basin taps. Add in a contemporary black radiator to warm your towels in style. Go all out and finish with a stunning black basin 

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Bring the spa home

Nothing compares to coming home after a long day and having a little me-time. Create the ultimate spa-like bathroom with a luxurious wet room screen and store your towels in rope baskets. Add natural greenery with succulents to elevate your space and create an earthy feel. Finish off with candles and a reed diffuser to indulge the senses in the perfect relaxing environment.  

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Marble and mirrors  

Inject luxury and elegance into your bathroom with black marble or marbled wallpaper – a nod to the black bathroom trend that will make your space feel sleek and stylish. Use mirrors to reflect light to make the room feel brighter. Make a statement with an LED mirror or opt for something simpler and smaller for a subtle look.  

Top tip: Don’t forget the importance of the right bathroom lighting. 

And those are our top black bathroom ideas! Share your black bathroom ideas with us @Homebase_UK and for more bathroom inspiration, check out our home inspiration hub.



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