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How To Create a White Garden Space

White garden spaces have grown in popularity over recent years, and with the colour’s versatility – we’re expecting the trend to continue throughout 2021.

A white garden space isn’t just about investing in some white plants – it’s also thinking about the surrounding backdrop and outdoor furniture.

This inspirational how-to guide will help you transform your outside area into a strikingly beautiful white garden space.

Let’s start with what you’ll need.

Read our DIY safety tips and manufacturer instructions

Before you begin any DIY work, we recommend you read our DIY Safety Tips guide, along with your power tool manuals and furniture instructions to keep everyone safe while you create your white garden space.




  1. white fence with garden furniture against it

    Brightening your backdrop

    First, you need to think about which area in your outdoor space will lend itself best to an all-white transformation.

    If possible, you could paint your decking area with a lighter colour of decking stain. Check out our How To Paint and Maintain Decking guide to learn more.

    You can also paint your boarders white with some made for purpose fence paint. If you decide to paint both your decking and fence, to avoid it looking too sterile, we recommend choosing off-white tones.

    If you want to maintain your garden’s intimate feel, you could opt for creating only a small white designated space by painting your fence in a corner area of your garden. Or if your decking covers a certain section, only paint the fence surrounding that area.

  2. painted white wall with corner outdoor sofa against it

    Buy or build some white garden furniture

    After you have brightened the surfaces of your new white garden space, think about adding in some outdoor furniture pieces.

    A white hammock, a light grey outdoor dining set or blue garden corner sofa set will work well. Remember, not everything has to be completely white to create a bright and light space.

    However, if you already have some wooden garden furniture that’s just in need of a refresh – you can simply add a lick of white exterior wood paint.

    If you have any large wooden planters, you could also paint those with your leftover white exterior wood paint.

  3. Add some white plants

    One of the easiest white garden ideas is to add some white plants.

    You could plant straight into the ground surrounding your white area or create interest by planting some in decorative pots. Not all your pots have to be white, you could mix in some natural stone, concrete-effect or silver pots too.

    White roses and peonies are beautiful options. Vary the shapes and sizes of your chosen plants to add dimension to your one-colour garden.

    White plants reflect light and will therefore instantly brighten your garden.

  4. Outdoor chair

    Get creative with soft furnishings

    To keep your white space cosy and inviting, think about adding in some complementary coloured furnishings.

    Cushions, throws and outdoor rugs are perfect for creating a luxurious outside living room effect.

    To make your white garden feel warm and welcoming, place some white pillar candles around the area to create a cosy, aromatic glow. Just be careful with naked flames – keep them well away from flammable materials.

  5. Hung fairy lights in garden

    Lighting and heating

    Finally, think about your outdoor lighting and heating options to tie your white space together.

    String lights, outdoor lanterns or wall lights are great ways to create soft pools of light. You could also opt for a number of solar lights to surround your space – as these automatically illuminate at dusk.

    To keep warm in the evenings, you may also like to add an electric patio heater or a firepit to your new white garden.

    Investing in lighting and heating will allow you to enjoy your white garden space at night-time as well.

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