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Gardening Jobs For May

Keeping on top of jobs in your outdoor space through May will not only keep it neat and tidy but you can plant to maintain interest through this season.

Easy growing

Step 1. Sow & plant it

Plant up baskets and containers and summer bedding now ready for beautiful displays of colour in summer. Using a compost such as Westland Container and Basket Planting mix provides slow release feeding which helps to get the roots established after planting. The unique water management helps to keep plants hydrated.

Sow vegetable seeds outdoors, such as carrots or lettuce, now the weather is warmer. If your soil is a little heavy, dig in some spent compost or Westland farmyard manure to open up the structure before preparing the rows for planting.

Step 2. Feed it

Feed regularly with a liquid plant food to give plants the nutrients they need.

Step 3. Protect it

Protect against pests such as slugs, snails and other bugs.Use bug protection sprays or netting to protect crops.
Weed garden borders now as weeds will be growing as fast as your plants now the weather is warmer, so it is important to keep on top of them to avoid disease and pest transfer.

Lawn made easy

Step 1. Seed & feed it

Assess patches & sow new grass seed as required, or use Westland Lawn Revive over the whole surface area. Feed & protect your lawn to keep it lush & healthy with a lawn fertiliser such as Safelawn or Aftercut Ultragreen regularly.

Step 2. Weed it

Now the warmer months are here, weeds will be growing vigorously so make sure you keep on top of them with a lawn weedkiller or weeding tool. Feeding the lawn and mowing it will also help to keep weeds under control.

Step 3. Mow & water

Keep your lawn tidy by mowing regularly on mild & dry days, and as the weather gets warmer water regularly, either in the evening when cooler or in the morning before the temperature rises.

Easy entertaining

Step 1. Set the scene for your next garden party

Get everything you need to turn your garden or patio space into a stylish and relaxing oasis. Whether you need a table and chair set for al fresco dining or a rattan corner sofa for hosting barbeques with all the family, our garden and patio furniture sets are designed to see you through any occasion.

Step 2. Repair any damaged fencing

Spruce up with a fresh coat of stain or paint for the new season.

Step 3. Dust off your BBQ skills and prepare to cook

Dust off your BBQ skills and prepare to cook up a feast. From gas to charcoal, our new range is here.