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Outdoor Plants

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From fragrant lavender borders to tasty homegrown vegetables, few things are as rewarding as watching your garden burst to life. Our range of outdoor plants includes something for every size of garden - whether you're sprucing up a balcony with hanging baskets or planting flower beds fit for the finest country house. Explore our selection to find everything you need to make your planting plans a reality.


Outdoor plants give character to any space. Whether you’re looking to grow some flowers so your garden’s spring-ready or you’d like a year-round plant to last the winter, our collection of perennial plants, specimen plants, shrubs and more includes seeds and buds for every garden.

Some of the easiest plants and flowers to grow and maintain include cypress, peonies, ferns and pansies. Plant these in colourful plant pots or along your paving stones to add a touch of charm. Or, brighten your flower beds with daffodils and hyacinths to encourage some wildlife to visit your blossoming garden. If you’re looking to create a minibeast friendly garden, check out our guide on how to achieve this.

Another great way to make the most of your outdoor plants is to adorn your trellis with some ivy or hanging baskets to welcome in some dramatic colours and greenery.