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Arbours Garden Arches & Arbours

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Pergolas, gazebos, garden arches and arbours are magnificent features for your outdoor space, providing sheltered areas for relaxing, reading and dining. Our range of garden arches, arbours and canopies includes styles and sizes to suit all gardens and budgets.
Versatile, attractive, and providing all-important shade in the summer months, garden arches, arbours and canopies are a fantastic addition to outdoor spaces of any size. Use them to cover a garden 

furniture set, create a standout display with climbing flowers, or to complete the perfect garden retreat - the options are endless.

Do you need to concrete in a garden arch?

While not always necessary, if your garden has particularly soft ground or is exposed to strong winds, then setting your garden arch or arbour in a fast-setting concrete will ensure that it doesn't budge - especially when made from wood or a particularly large style. Metal arches, however, are usually lightweight enough to be sunk deeply and securely into soft ground without the need for setting in concrete.

Do I need planning permission for a garden arch?

As long as you leave a sufficient gap between your garden arch and any boundaries, you do not need planning permission for a garden arch or canopy as they are considered to be garden buildings, much like a garden shed or greenhouse. A garden building should also be less than 2.5 metres in height - at Homebase all of our arches and arbours meet these requirements.

Where is the best place to put an arch in the garden?

Before considering where to position a garden arch or arbour, first think about its purpose. Is it for shade, a frame for climbing plants, or simply decorative? If placing your arbour over a dining area or garden furniture set, ensure that it casts shade over the right area during the hottest part of the day. Garden arches look fantastic over a pathway or against a wall - consider adding a bench nearby too so that you can enjoy your handiwork! Take a look at these garden shelter ideas for a few tips on choosing the right arch, arbour or canopy for your space.