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Gazebos are versatile structures that can add both practical and aesthetic value to your garden, you can add garden furniture to them so that they can be somewhere to entertain guests or just relax outside. At Homebase we offer both traditional and classic gazebos in a range of styles, so you’re guaranteed to find one perfect for you.

You can choose from thatched roof, wooden, aluminium, ornate, gothic and metal frame gazebos. We also offer small and large sizes, you can even purchase flat pack gazebos if you’re not looking for a permanent option, they’re convenient and easy to set up and take down. Our outdoor gazebos come in the classic hexagonal shape as well as square and round, depending on your personal preference.

Our gazebos are weatherproof and heavy duty made with materials to withstand any weather conditions. Gazebos with side panels, roofs and canopies are a great option when you’re in windy and rainy conditions and looking for some shelter.

If you're looking for help installing your new gazebo, some of our items come with installation, so be sure to check stock details online.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gazebo?

A gazebo is a pavilion structure, sometimes hexagonal which provide shade and shelter as well as a place to rest. Some gazebos are in public places but can also be in people’s private gardens.

How do you build a gazebo?

How you can build a gazebo depends on the type of gazebo that you have, if you have bought a flat pack gazebo then simply just follow the instructions that came in the box. If you’re looking to build a permanent gazebo, then we would suggest getting professional help and advice. Alternatively, you can buy a gazebo at Homebase that has installation included, not all come with this service, so make sure you check which ones do with a member of staff at your nearest Homebase store.

How do you decorate a gazebo?

The ways that you can decorate a gazebo are endless and depend on personal preferences, however, popular ways are using net lights, lanterns, garden furniture and string LED lights to illuminate your space.

Do you need planning permission for a gazebo?

If you have a flat pack gazebo then it is unlikely that you will need planning permission. However if you’re looking to build one in the back of your garden then we would suggest calling up your local council and finding out more information to ensure you are abiding by the law. Generally, if your gazebo installation exceeds more than 3m by height and is within 2m of a neighbour, you would need to seek permission before continuing.

Are gazebos waterproof?

Not all gazebos are waterproof, however you can leave them up in the rain. If you’re specifically looking for waterproof gazebos check the packaging it comes in or ask a member of staff at your nearest local Homebase.

Can you BBQ under a gazebo?

There is no reason why you can’t barbecue under a gazebo, you just want to make sure the roof is high enough for safety reasons. At Homebase we offer a special barbecue shelter designed to protect your barbecue so that you can cook outside at any time of the year.