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Ready to revamp your patio? Look no further than Homebase for a stunning selection of garden paving stones and slabs that'll elevate your outdoor space effortlessly.

Here at Homebase, we've got your garden covered with options from classic grey paving stones to contemporary natural paving stones. Explore our extensive collection, featuring everything from earthy brown to elegant cream paving stones. Mix and match your outdoor paving stones to create a personalised mosaic that complements your unique taste. Not sure where to start? Don't worry, check out our patio buying guide or blog on how to choose a paving pattern, so you can transform your garden with ease, and create a perfect foundation for outdoor dining.

Once you've chosen the paving stones for your patio, read our beginner's guide on how to lay a patio to understand the steps needed to get your brand-new surface. Remember to keep them free of debris and stains by using a pressure washer - this is important for longevity. Shop our pressure washers, and give your patio a regular clean.

Browse our patio paving stones for sale online or in-store at Homebase today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you clean paving stones?

Cleaning paving stones is simple, start by removing any debris using a broom and pre-treating stains with a stain remover. Prepare a cleaning solution with soap and water in a bucket, use a stiff brush or scrubber and scrub the paving stones. Finally, rinse the paving stones with a hose or a pressure washer to remove any soap. If there are weeds between the paving stones, use weed killer and then a scraper to remove them.

How to cut a paving stone?

It is best to try to buy the right size paving stone. However, if you need to cut a paving stone for your garden and cannot find a professional to help you, you can cut it using a hammer and a chisel.

Can you paint paving stones?

Yes, you can paint paving stones to give them a fresh look. Make sure that you are using masonry or garden paint which is suitable for outdoors, and good quality paint tools to get a smooth finish. Depending on the brand of paint you buy you may also need a primer, just be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions.

What is the best low maintenance paving?

As long as you clean your paving regularly, most paving is considered low maintenance.

Which stone is best for paving?

The best stone for paving depends on various factors, including your aesthetic preferences, budget and climate in your area. At Homebase, we offer concrete, porcelain and more. If you're unsure on which to buy ask one of our staff at your nearest Homebase.

What are paving stones?

Paving stones, are individual units made from different materials and designed for use in creating outdoor surfaces such as patios, driveways and walkways.

Are concrete or paving stones better?

The choice between concrete or paving stones depends on different factors, like your budget and personal preference. Concrete is often more affordable but offers limited aesthetics, whereas paving stones come in a diverse range of colours and materials. Ultimately, the best choice depends on you so consider consulting with a professional before making a final decision.