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Paving Stones

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Paving stones are the perfect way to add a touch of rustic charm and character to your garden. Whether you’re looking to craft your perfect patio or create a charming path, we have a range of paving stones to help you create your dream garden! From wooden to concrete, circular to square, we have an eclectic and exciting assortment of patio and paving stones to fit every style and size of garden. Mix and match colours and shapes for a unique finish or stick to a more traditional layout - the options are endless.
Paving stones can be a charming addition to your garden. Explore our selection of paving stones, available in a range of colours, shapes and materials, to bring your garden transformation to life.

How to lay paving stones

Laying paving stones can be a lengthy process but with patience and precision you can create a space to be proud of. Once you have selected your desired colours and mapped out the space you want to transform, dig out and level the top layer of turf. If possible, keep your turf intact by slicing it with your shovel and rolling it up. That way, your patio space is guaranteed to be neat and tidy! You will then want to add a layer of cement to your patio area, as this will help to keep your paving stones secure and level. Once that layer has set, you will be able to begin laying the paving stones in your desired pattern and arrangement. Pointing and filling the gaps between each paving is the final step. As you are pointing your patio stones, be sure to brush off any excess material to prevent any staining or an uneven finish. Once your paving is in place, allow it ample time to dry and set - this may take a few days. For more tips, take a look at our guide on how to lay a patio.

How to get rid of grass between paving stones

Unruly grass and weeds growing between your paving stones can ruin the finish of your patio. A fork is an effective tool to remove any pesky patches of grass, or you can use weed killer if they become a persistent problem.