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Washstand Bathroom Sinks

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At Homebase, you can find a variety of bathroom sinks. With multiple designs, brands and types to choose from, you can find the perfect new sink for your bathroom.

We offer both traditional and modern bathroom sinks to suit many styles. You can also buy a bathroom sink with a pedestal; a great choice if you prefer an open look. Another option is wall-mounted or floating sink, which can give bathrooms a touch of luxury and complement contemporary designs. You can also buy countertop bathroom sinks if you're looking for style and practicality. For further inspiration, check out our in-depth bathroom sink ideas guide.

If you have a smaller bathroom, you may want to choose a corner bathroom sink. It's a great space-saving option that will allow you to maximise your floor space. You can also buy regular-shaped small bathroom sinks for a more traditional aesthetic. You can find extensive guidance on how to make the most out of a smaller space with our small bathroom ideas.

Most of our bathroom sinks are white ceramic, making them durable and easy to clean. They also come in rectangular and curved styles, as well as standard sizes, such as 500mm and 600mm. Our largest sink height is around 1,000mm.

Once you have bought your brand-new bathroom sink, you can follow our instructions on how to replace a bathroom sink if you want to do the job yourself.

Shop for bathroom sinks online or at your local Homebase today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you unblock a bathroom sink?

Drain unblocker is ideal for unblocking a bathroom sink. However, you can also unblock a bathroom sink in five steps with just water, baking soda and white vinegar. When following these steps, please be careful when handling hot water.

1. Make sure your basin is empty and dry.

2. Pour one cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by two cups of hot water, and wait around 5 minutes.

3. Pour another cup of baking soda down the drain, and then a cup of white vinegar.

4. This will cause fizzing and bubbles. Once they have gone, pour more hot water down the drain.

5. Wait around an hour and the bathroom sink should be unblocked.

If, after this, your bathroom sink is still blocked, your best option will be to speak to a professional plumber.

How high should a bathroom sink be?

There is no rule on how high a bathroom sink should be - it should just be comfortable for you to wash your hands or brush your teeth. The standard bathroom sink height is between 80cm and 85cm.

How do you change your bathroom sink?

Changing your bathroom sink is quite an advanced task that can require some professional help. Before deciding, read our blog on how to fit a bathroom basin to see if it’s something you have the tools and experience to tackle.

How do you clean a bathroom sink?

You need to be careful when cleaning your bathroom sink, as some surfaces are prone to scratches and chipping. For this reason, it is usually best to just use hot water and dish soap.

1. Wipe your sink dry with a cloth.

2. Fill it with some hot water and add the dish soap before letting it sit for a while.

3. Scrub any remaining dirt with a soft cloth and then drain the water.

How do you stop a gurgling bathroom sink?

The main cause of a gurgling bathroom sink is a partial clog or blockage in the drain, so the best way to stop the noise is to remove the blockage. You can do this by cleaning the drain using water, baking soda and vinegar, buying a drain unblocker, or using a plunger. If these options don't work, we recommend calling a plumber.