Purple Wallpaper

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A beautiful home is easily achievable with purple wallpaper. Choose from deep purple shades and lighter lilac and heather tones. At Homebase our purple wallpaper collection offers a variety of plain papers alongside stunning patterns and prints.
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Purple wallpaper is a beautiful and easy-on-the-eye option for your home. Create a calm and cosy atmosphere with lighter toned purple wallpapers such as lilac and heather or make a bold statement with darker shades of purple and gorgeous prints such as exotic birds and elephants.

The Homebase purple wallpaper collection features a variety of plain styles and prints, including foliage, animals and even graffiti styles. Adults and children alike can find a purple wallpaper that they love in our range.

Feel inspired by our purple wallpapers and get creating your dream home today! If you’re in need of wallpaper tools, at Homebase you can find everything you need to get your purple wallpaper up on your walls. Shop for pasting tables, wallpapering tools, wallpaper paste and wallpaper strippers.