Neutral Wallpaper

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Neutral wallpaper is the perfect backdrop colour for any room in your house. Neutral tones are inviting and calming and easily lend themselves to a variety of home décor styles, making it easy for you to create a beautiful home. Our neutral wallpaper range provides you with a wealth of wallpapers to choose from – find your favourite today!


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Beautifully simplistic but far from boring, neutral wallpaper from Homebase has the ability to open up rooms and highlight key pieces of furniture.

Simple and stylish, neutral wallpaper never goes out of fashion, making it the perfect option for those who want a touch of timeless class in their home. There are plenty of wallpaper designs to choose from, including chic Damask patterns with rich luxurious tones that look beautiful in bedrooms and living areas. Alternatively, contemporary geometric neutral pattern wallpaper creates swirls and shapes that bring a more modern touch to any room.

Give your home an understated makeover with our stylish range of neutral wallpaper designs. From simple kids’ paper to rustic brick and wood options, you’ll find the perfect design at Homebase.