Hotpoint Class 5 DKU5 541 J C IX Built-under Electric Oven - Black

GBP 477.0

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Giving you more space for culinary excellence, the Hotpoint Built-under Double Oven provides exceptional space, essential functions and brilliant self-cleaning technology. The main oven provides 59L of capacity and offers three choices of automatic function including; Multi-level, Slow Cook and Defrost. With the top oven, choose between traditional heat or grill.

Using Circulaire Fan, reduce cooking time by 20% through a clever combination of fan and rear element heat production to ensure even cooking between the shelves. A great function if you love to batch bake or create delicious pastries.

When it comes to cleaning, this model features Catalytic Liners - a self-cleaning system that requires no chemicals as special panels against the oven wall catch food and fat spits, evaporating them during the cooking process.

Operate the Hotpoint Built-under oven through the super stylish Push Push Controls which sit flush again the unit when not in use, and enjoy the flawless line with cooking versatility.

  • Push Push Controls - Enjoy a flush, easy-to-clean aesthetic with push dials. Push once to extend the dial, setting program and temperature, push again to restore the sleek line of your oven?s fascia.
  • Catalytic Stay Clean Liners - Catalytic Liners absorb all the grease, dirt and residue from your oven, then uses a heat of around 200c to burn it off and restore the clean.
  • Circulaire Fan Cooking - Reduce cooking time by 20% through a clever combination of fan and rear heat circling between shelves. Even results whilst saving 10-20?c compared to conventional oven cooking.