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Top gardening jobs this month

Get Winter Ready

Step 1. Draught excluders

Keep the heat in with draught excluders around your front and back doors, and windows. 

Step 2: Insulate your shed

Properly insulate your shed, so it can become a usable space all year round.

Step 3. Stock up on logs and kindling

Stock up on Winter fuel - such as logs and kindling - for your fire or log burner, so you're not caught short on those cosy nights in.

Easy Growing Indoors

Step 1: Indoor plants to beat the winter blues

As there isn't much to do in the garden, why not add some houseplants to brighten up the home.

Step 2. Feed and Water

Use a Westland Houseplant Droplet Feeder to feed and water the plants.

Feed the birds

Step 1: Winter Bird Care

Winter can be a tough season for wildlife. Care for garden birds and wildlife all year round but particularly during winter when food is scarce.

Step 2. Bird Food

Make sure you keep feeders topped up regularly with some of their favourite snacks and nuts.

Step 3. Keep water fresh

Keep an eye on any bird baths you have in your garden. Just like your car, they may be in need of a defrost in the mornings.