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Liquids Plant Food & Fertilisers

Regular plant food and fertiliser treatment will keep your garden growing from strength to strength. Whether you're sowing new grass seed or refreshing your plant pots and borders, find the best plant food for the job.


    Whether you've just sown new grass seed or your veggie patch needs a helping hand, we have plant food suitable for a range of uses. All-purpose products can be used on a variety of flowers, while our specialist mixtures are tailored for everything from orchids to tomatoes. Get right down to the roots and enrich your soil with our fertiliser range.

    From liquid seaweed to rooting powder, all of the available options will help you stimulate healthy growth by releasing natural nutrients.

    What is the best food for plants?

    If in doubt, an all-purpose plant food or fertiliser is designed to provide essential nutrients to a wide array of flora and foliage. Our range also includes a variety of specialist fertilisers that have been formulated for use on specific plants, from houseplants to roses. Fertiliser also available in liquid, water-soluble or granule form, so take this into consideration when choosing the best fit for your garden. Some compost formulas also contain pre-mixed plant food, which is an easy and time-saving option.

    Does plant food help?

    Plant food and fertiliser deliver a healthy dose of important nutrients to plants - think of them as a kind of plant multi-vitamin! Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are usually key ingredients in any plant food or fertiliser. Each of these elements are key to the process of photosynthesis, helping plants to grow, produce fruit and flowers, and fight off disease. Plants are incredibly impressive organisms, able to produce their own food. However, a specialist plant food gives a helping hand and is especially important in areas with drainage issues or low-nutrient soil. To give your plants the best chance, use fertiliser in combination with weed killer and a regular watering routine.

    When should I feed my potted plants?

    It's always a good idea to check with your supplier, but generally speaking you should start to feed potted plants in the spring as this is when they start to wake up after an inactive growth period over the cooler months. Feed fortnightly, moving to every week when you begin to notice rapid and regular growth. Liquid feeds are often best for potted plants, as it is easier to control the dosage and concentration. For some more gardening tips, take a look at our guide on how to plant successfully.