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Fertiliser is one of the easiest, most cost-effective ways to encourage your garden to blossom. Our quality plant fertiliser and plant foods range from pellet to liquid form, so you can rest assured that your favourite flowers, veg patch and shrubs are as happy and healthy as can be.


Soil fertiliser provides the best nutrients to support thriving plant growth with minimal effort. We offer a variety of organic fertiliser, from all-purpose mixes to specialised, concentrated plant food for your herb, veg and flower beds. Our starter kits come with helpful step-by-step instructions, so that you can start feeding your garden straight away.

Store your fertiliser somewhere cool and dark when not in use, such as the garden shed or a garage, to ensure that it lasts longer. Before applying any fertiliser, weed killer or grass feed treatment, always check the product information if you have dogs, cats, or any other furry friends. Some products will advise that you keep pets away for a few hours after application, so it's always worth planning ahead for this.

Make the job even easier and check out our fertiliser spreader - a simple way to dispense everything from seeds to phosphate fertilisers around your garden.