chipboard screws

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About to embark on a DIY mission? Add chipboard screws to your toolbox and you’ll be ready to take on any chipboard or wood-related projects with ease. Available in a variety of sizes and assorted multi-packs, you’re sure to find the right chipboard screws for your DIY needs at Homebase.

They’re super sturdy and have a high pull-out retention, thanks to their durable steel design. Easy to screw in and providing maximum grip, you can rely on their strength to cut through chipboard and soft timber cleanly without any cracks or splits. For something even stronger, pick up twin thread screws. They’re the perfect match when working with hardwood, as they’re really easy to use and fast to work with.

Whether you need chipboard flooring screws or regular chipboard screws, you’ll find everything you need for your DIY projects at Homebase.