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Bosch Indego S+ 400 Robotic Mower

GBP 840.0


The Indego S+ 400 robotic lawnmower makes mowing effortless and easy to manage. The first controllable robotic lawnmower on the market, with Amazon Alexa. Thanks to its mulching system, grass clippings are distributed evenly to ensure a good fertilizing effect and a healthy lawn. Once installed, the Indego S+ 400 operates all by itself, manoeuvres around obstacles and goes back to charge on its own. The Indego can be easily controlled via the app, through which you can start/stop the mowing operation, check the mower status, and edit the cutting schedules and settings.

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  • With effortless, autonomous operation you do not need to spend any time cutting the lawn – the Indego operates all by itself once activated. It even goes back to charge on its own.
  • Start, pause and cancel mowing or set up and edit cutting schedules remotely via the app
  • With Smart Mow, let your mower decide the best time to mow based on real time environmental data
  • The Spot Mow function allows targeted areas to be cut without having to mow the whole lawn
  • Works with Amazon Alexa
Length Of Cord:
Product Contains:
x1 Indego, x1 Docking Station, x1 Perimeter Wire 125M, x180 Fixing Pegs
Power Source:
18V (2.5ah)