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Paint Roller Sets & Sleeves

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Paint roller sets are perfect for providing you with everything you need to get great paint coverage on both larger and smaller areas. Here you’ll find a variety of roller sets to choose from to ensure you have the best paint rollers for your DIY projects. Browse large paint roller sets, mini roller sets, sand & gloss roller sets, masonry roller kits, sponge and texture rollers, and more.

Ensure you can take on your next DIY painting project challenge with ease with the collection of paint roller sets from Homebase. Complement your painting work with paint roller sleeves and brushes.


Make sure every speck of the wall is flourished with your choice of paint by opting for an easy-to-use paint roller. Available in a variety of sizes, our paint roller sets offer the right tool for any project. Cover a wider space with a 9” microfibre roll or fill in tighter edges with a smaller 4” mini paint roller set. To achieve maximum paint coverage, opt for a useful paint roller and tray. Once poured in, it’s easy to collect the right amount of paint by simply rolling it onto your tool. Then, use the ribbed section of the tray to take of any excess paint and avoid unwanted splashback.

From a ceiling paint roller to a wall roller or a small roller for those tighter spots, tackle any home painting task with ease with the choice of paint roller sets and trays at Homebase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean paint rollers?

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to clean paint rollers:

Step 1. Scrape any unused paint back into your paint tin using a putty knife.

Step 2. Roll the paint roller over a rag or sheet to remove any excess paint.

Step 3. Fill a bucket with warm water and detergent.

Step 4. Remove the actual roller from its frame and handle and submerge it in the bucket. Use gloves to protect your hands while you rub paint off the roller's individual fibres.

Step 5. Rinse the paint roller off with a hose outside or in another bucket of clean water until all the paint is off.

What's the best roller for painting walls?

Generally, when painting walls we recommend using a medium-size (12mm) nap roller sleeve. This is the typical choice of professional painters for ceilings and drywall. However, interior walls and exterior walls require different types of paint rollers. Foam rollers or short pile rollers are considered best for painting smooth interior walls and often provide the most seamless finish. Traditional rollers, such as a long pile roller, are better for textured or rough surfaces, such as exterior walls.

How do I paint a wall with a roller?

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to paint a wall with a roller:

Step 1. Roll plenty of paint onto your roller from the tray.

Step 2. When painting a wall with a roller, always start painting about half a roller away from the corner and roll down then back up staying away from the absolute bottom and top of the wall. This way you won't leave thick edges at the top, bottom or corner of the wall.

Step 3. Make sure you spread the paint out using the roller but don't force it out.

Step 4. Once there isn't much paint left on the roller, go all the way to the top, bottom and corner of the wall.

Step 5. When you add paint on your roller, always start painting half a roller away from where you've just finished and repeat the steps above.

How do I paint a ceiling with a roller?

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to paint a ceiling with a roller:

Step 1. Start by using a brush to paint the more difficult areas for a roller, such as around ceiling lights or along the edges to create a border.

Step 2. Load your roller evenly with paint.

Step 3. When painting a ceiling with a roller, always start about a half a roller away from the edge and roll back, mindful not to go all the way back to the edge.

Step 4. Roll the paint evenly across the ceiling in smooth forward and backward movements, slowly working the paint back towards the edges to avoid any thick clumps forming.

Step 5. For best results, repeat this process working in roughly one-metre increments across the ceiling and being mindful of spreading the paint out before moving close to the edges.

What's an extending pole for a paint roller?

A paint roller extension pole is a great option if you need to paint in hard-to-reach places. It extends the height of your paint roller and can help you avoid using a ladder or overstretching to reach ceilings and tall walls.

How do I use a paint roller?

Follow this step-by-step guide on how to use a paint roller:

Step 1. Apply ample paint to your roller from the tray.

Step 2. Begin painting slightly away from the edge and moving your paint roller up and down in smooth strokes, moving about three-quarters of the roller each time to you're slightly overlapping your strokes.

Step 3. Make sure you spread the paint out evenly with the roller and don't force the paint out.

Step 4. When the paint begins to run out, apply more to the roller from your tray.

Can you use a roller with gloss paint?

Yes, you can use a roller with gloss paint. However, it's best to use a short paint roller with a nap cover for gloss and semi-gloss paints. This helps prevent bubbling when painting.

How do I dry paint rollers?

If you want to dry your paint roller quickly after cleaning it, you can roll it back and forth along a wall that still needs painting or a large dry cloth you don’t mind getting paint on. If you're storing it away, we recommend wrapping it in cling film and sealing it in a plastic bag closed tightly with adhesive tape.