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Philips Screwdrivers

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If you handle the fixing and fitting around the house, you’ll likely class a Philips screwdriver as a crucial piece of kit. Designed to tighten and turn cross recess screws, this style of screwdriver is self-centring, so it’s easier to maintain good force and a firm grip.

When it comes to assembling furniture, fitting shelf brackets and even putting batteries in the kids’ toys, you’ll often find a Philips head screwdriver comes in handy. Available in sizes 0-4, you can pick up a single screwdriver to add to your toolbox - or order a Philips screwdriver set so you have one of each.

Like all the tools at Homebase, our screwdrivers are made to an impressive standard. Using hardwearing materials like steel alloy combined with anti-corrosive plating, you can be sure they’ll take some wear and tear.