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Christmas Cushions

Ideal for adding pops of colour, accessorising furniture or softening up spaces, cushions are an easy way of making your home an inviting and cosy space. From crushed velvet to corduroy, we boast a wide range of materials, textures, sizes and colours to ensure we have a cushion to suit your interior design style.


    Whether your home is an ode to cottage-core country chic, a paired-back Japandi dream or dripping in bold maximalist splendour, the right collection of cushions perched on your sofa, armchair, bed or chaise longue is the perfect finishing touch.

    Whether you’re introducing a new hue into your colour scheme or updating a tired piece of furniture, explore our wide assortment of cushions to find your perfect match.

    How many cushions should you have on your sofa?

    As much as we love picking out new cushions, you want to make sure that your sofas and armchairs don’t appear cluttered or overwhelmed by the plush furnishings. As a general rule, a standard two or three-seater sofa doesn’t typically need more than two to three cushions.

    Of course, if you have a sizeable sofa, a corner couch or a four-seater, you may want to add a couple more cushions for ultimate comfort.

    How do I choose a cushion colour?

    The colour of your cushions is entirely down to your preference: if you are a fan of the eclectic look, you may want to choose a contrasting or new colour. Maximalist living rooms often enjoy soft furnishings with bold and clashing shades.

    However, if you prefer your space to look a little more harmonious, we suggest selecting colours that already exist in your space. Try to match up your cushions with rugs, ornaments and curtains, as this will make your room look coordinated and sophisticated.

    Or, simply look to the colour wheel for inspiration – whatever colour your couch or bed, select the opposite hue on the colour wheel. If you have a teal couch, choose an orange, copper or yellow cushion. If you have a sage green couch, a blush pink cushion is a great option.