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Conservatory Furniture

A transitional space between inside and out, the conservatory is a tranquil room for chatting with friends or unwinding with a good book. With the right conservatory furniture, you can enjoy a view of your garden whatever the weather. Browse sofas, conservatory armchairsfootstoolstables and more. There's something for every style of interior.

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Whether you're looking for rattan conservatory furniture or a luxurious sofa that you can sink into, our collection includes something for every size and style of space.

Our favourite conservatory furniture ideas

Before you buy any conservatory furniture, consider what you use your space for. Is it an area for relaxing or do you use it for casual weeknight dinners? It's a good idea to organise your conservatory around a key piece, such as a small dining table or cosy sofa. Once you've decided on your main item, you can add interest with armchairs, a statement rug or even a bistro set. For a lovely finishing touch, hang a mirror opposite the glass front. This will reflect a view of your garden, making it feel as though you are surrounded by nature.

How to revamp conservatory furniture

If you're looking for simple ways to revamp your existing conservatory furniture, consider adding a refreshing accent colour to your space. This can be done with the addition of plush cushions and a throw and will make your conservatory feel far more put together. Alternatively, adding a new armchair or footstool will add a new perspective to your room. Washing any removable covers and giving solid frames a good clean will give your furniture a new lease of life. IF you fancy trying your hand at some DIY, why not teach yourself how to make cushion covers for conservatory furniture? With a little practice, you'll be able to whip up some brand-new home furnishings, helping to create a space you can really be proud of.

How to stop furniture fading in your conservatory

As conservatories receive so much sunlight, it's not uncommon for furniture to fade slightly over time. If you're really concerned about this, we recommend choosing paler shades for upholstered items. However, there are several things that you can do to prevent furniture from fading. Firstly, install blinds over your windows. Venetian blinds work particularly well in a conservatory. Make sure to close the blinds whenever you go away for a longer period and shut them during the height of the summer to keep your space cool and protect your furniture from direct sunlight. It's also a good idea to turn sofa cushions and soft furnishings regularly, so that any fading occurs evenly.