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Day Beds

Multifunctional, versatile and irresistibly cosy, day beds are brilliant pieces of furniture that can transform a space that’s crying out for a touch more comfort.

Whether you’re looking for one with storage to house any unsightly clutter, or eager to pair them with plenty of throws and cushions for your guests to rest up on, we have a wide range of day beds to suit every space. Add the finishing touch to your home with our assortment of day beds available here at Homebase.

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Ideal for lounging during the day and for snuggling down at night, day beds are the hybrid piece of furniture that every home needs.

Whether you’re looking to make your home study a little more comfortable, eager to make your child’s playroom cosier or want to make your spare room feel more intimate for family and friends, day beds are ideal for a variety of purposes.

What’s the point of a day bed?

For rooms that need to perform multiple functions that need to remain flexible and versatile, day beds are a must. From handy bunk bed options to ingenious storage solutions, or more decorative pieces to fit with your room’s aesthetic, our range of day beds is designed to make life a little more convenient for you and your family. What’s better than a sofa and bed hybrid?

Can you sleep in a day bed?

As sumptuous as they may look, some people may question whether a night on a day bed could result in an aching back or a crick in the neck the next day. However, as long as your mattress is comfortable, you can sleep soundly in your day bed knowing you won’t wake up with an injury the next day.

What mattress do I need with a day bed?

When browsing for your day bed, be sure to take note of the dimensions of the mattress you’ll need. While most day beds are designed to accommodate a standard twin mattress, there may be some models with exceptions.

Once you know your measurements, simply shop around for a mattress that you find comfy enough to snooze in and supportive enough to lounge on.