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Tired of juggling lots of full glasses to the table? Discover our range of jugs and pitchers, they make for a great addition to any table.

Our water filter jugs are wonderful for purifying tap water (particularly if you live in a hard water area) and find the matching tumbler glasses for our beautiful pitchers in the Glassware category.


Drinking 2 litres of water a day can be challenging! Particularly if you find your water tastes a bit funny. Our water filter jugs are fantastic for purifying your water, removing chemicals such as fluoride and other heavy metals. Now you can relax and enjoy a refreshing, cool and filtered glass of water.

Have you checked out our glamorous Glassware ranges yet? Perfect, now you can complete your stylish collections with their matching pitchers and carafes. Your table will never have looked so beautiful.

We think our range of decanters are so fabulous we can hardly bear to put them away! Why not fill your pitcher with a bunch of flowers so it can always be the centrepiece on your dining table?