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With the right lighting, you can bring your home to life. A humble shower can be turned into a luxurious spa, while your bedroom can be transformed into a snuggly retreat. The MR16 bulb creates this kind of stylish glow, whether you’re looking for a moody spotlight or hoping to illuminate a whole room.

Our varied selection of MR16 bulbs means you can pick and choose the size, amount and wattage you require. Higher watt bulbs can be used in recessed ceiling lights, pendant fixings and landscape lighting. Other MR16 LED bulbs can be easily fitted to appliances like desk lamps and even bicycle headlights.

All of our MR16 LED light bulbs are energy-efficient and long-lasting, with two push-in pins for effortlessly simple fitting. Shop the range at Homebase and find the right MR16 bulbs for your household.