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Fan Heater Electric Heaters

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With our range of adjustable and portable electric heaters from leading brands, heating your home has never been simpler. From contemporary convector heaters to compact fans and smart wall mounted heaters, we've a heating solution for every space, situation and style.

Explore our wide selection of heaters to find the perfect fit for your home and keep the cold at bay.

Portable, effective and with a wide array of styles and sizes to choose from, electric heaters are a brilliant way to provide extra warmth during cold weather. From convection to fan heaters, simply plug in and allow them to work their warming magic.

What are the most efficient electric heaters?

Energy efficiency is important to consider when choosing the right electric heater for your home - different types of heating are best suited to different purposes and sizes of room.

Infrared and panel heaters both emit a controlled amount of heat within their surrounding area, meaning that they often have a lower energy consumption.

If you are looking for electric heaters for a larger space, consider a radiant heater. They combine glowing halogen elements with a reflector, offering targeted heat as soon as they are switched on.

Will an electric heater be cheaper than central heating?

Electric and fan heaters are a great way to keep warm if you're only using one room or just need a quick blast of heat for an hour or so. However, if you want to heat the whole house, switching on the central heating will be more cost effective than using a portable heater in each room. To work out how much your heater costs to run, simply multiply its wattage by the number of hours you're using it for and the cost of electricity per kWh.