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Pedestal Fan Fans & Air Conditioning

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If the sudden summer heat has taken you by surprise, cool down your space with an air conditioning unit. From tower fans to portable air coolers, our selection of air conditioners will get a cold breeze circulating in any room in no time. 

Check out our air conditioning buying guide to get you started on finding the best air con or fan for your home.

Create a gentle breeze and keep your home feeling fresh with cooling fans and air conditioning units from Homebase. These effective devices come in handy when hot weather hits, putting you in control of rising temperatures.

Whether you’re after an ultra-quiet pedestal fan for your bedroom or a rotating desk fan for your kitchen, we’ve got a variety to choose from. We’ve even got mini USB fans. Our portable and lightweight air conditioners are easy to move from room to room and come with auto settings so you can pick out the optimum time for it to start.

Explore the range of air conditioning units and air cooler fans at Homebase and make your rooms more comfortable during warmer months.

How much electricity does a fan used compared to air conditioning?

There are plenty of things to consider when choosing fans and air conditioning, not least how much your appliance will cost to run. Depending on model, power and size, a fan typically uses between 40W and 100W. By contrast, an air conditioning unit can use anything from 900W to 3000W, making them more costly and energy intensive to run. This is something to bear in mind if you will be using your cooling appliance a lot over the summer.

What is the best fan for a medium sized room?

If your space is on the larger side, look for a fan with an oscillating function. This allows cool air to be circulated over a wider area, ensuring that it reaches every corner of your room. Many of our tower fans, pedestal fans and floor fans have an oscillating setting, making them a great option for a medium sized room. Similarly, a fan that sits on a taller pedestal will also distribute cool air around a larger room more easily.

What is the best fan for a small room?

Generally speaking, smaller rooms require a smaller fan to keep them cool. For a home office or small bedroom, a desk fan positioned on your workspace or bedside table will keep you and the rest of the room comfortably cool. If you'll be moving around the house during the day, desk fans are a great portable option too. Alternatively, opt for a tower fan. Witha smaller base than a pedestal fan, tower fans are designed to fit unobtrusively into the corner of a room and take up minimal space. For more advice on finding the best air conditioning solution for your home, take a look at our air conditioning buying guide.