Spring Cleaning Tips and Checklist

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Say goodbye to the cold, Winter months – Spring has finally sprung! Now’s the time to refresh your home for the new season and get everything looking spick and span. Don’t worry, Spring cleaning doesn’t need to be a daunting task. We’ve made it easy for you with our Spring cleaning tips and checklist. Let’s get started. 

Spring cleaning tips:  

  • Clean your home room by room to make it more manageable.  
  • Break it down and split your cleaning up into ten-minute chunks. 
  • Turn up the music. Nothing makes a day of Spring cleaning easier than the right playlist.  
  • Get the whole household involved. Delegate tasks and make it a family affair.

Dust and clean every nook and cranny 

Your house has probably gathered a lot of dust over the last few months. Grab your duster and go over every room, making sure you get into every hidden corner. Use an extendable dusting wand to reach on top of cabinets and wardrobes. To make your surfaces sparkle again, use a multi-purpose spray cleaner and microfibre cloth. 

Hoover and mop the floors  

Once you’re finished dusting, go over your floors with a hoover to make them look brand new. Sofas are also one of the biggest collectors of dirt and dust. Take a handheld vacuum and clean behind and between the cushions. If you have hard floors in your home, sweep any debris up first with a dustpan and brush. Then, go over with a steam mop. These are easy to use and require no detergent, leaving you with a squeaky-clean floor in seconds.  

Clean your home appliances  

We all put off cleaning the big appliances in our homes. This may seem like a major task, but once it’s done, it’s done! 

Clean all your home appliances, including: 

If you’re looking for more advice, discover our guides on how to clean your oven and washing machine. 

Declutter every room 

Clearing out your clutter will make you feel more organised and will create more space in your home. Start by sorting out what you want to keep, and then decide from the rest what can be given away and what can be recycled. Check out our guide on how to declutter your home, to help you get rid of unnecessary clutter.  

Reorganise and rearrange  

Once you’ve cleared your clutter, it’s time to reorganise. Clear all the kid’s toys into Clever Cube storage and tidy all shoes away into a shoe rack or storage unitLadder shelves are a great contemporary way to store and display miscellaneous items. Discover more stylish storage solutions suitable for every space in your home here 

Top tip: If your home needs a refresh without redecorating, try rearranging. Rearranging your furniture and décor can give your rooms a totally new look and feel – without any cost.  

Introduce a little life  

Bring the outdoors in with our selection of house plants. Add some greenery to your rooms with a mix of succulents, aloe vera plants and citrus plants. Not only do plants look good, but they also help reduce the humidity in your home and purify the air.  

Top tip: If you find moisture and humidity a major problem in your house, invest in a dehumidifier to protect your home.  

Tackle your wardrobe 

Clearing out your wardrobe is a great Spring cleaning tip. Sort through and donate any clothes you no longer wear. Then, freshly wash and iron your clothes. Keep your wardrobe neat, tidy and aesthetically pleasing with wardrobe storage. Free up space for your Spring clothes by storing your winter jackets and jumpers in underbed storage 

Top tip: For a stylish storage solution, check out our sliding wardrobes buying guide 

Brighten up your home 

Add a stylish floor lamp to the darker corners of your home, or add a warming glow with string lights. Prepare for warmer Spring evenings and brighten up your exteriors with outdoor lighting to create a cosy ambience after dark.  

Top tip: Full length mirrors are also a great way to reflect light and illuminate your home.  

Refresh your bathroom  

Don’t forget about your bathroom. A fresh shade of green or blue is the perfect way to give your bathroom a whole new look. Or, refresh your tiles with our Maison Deco range. Replace your old bathmat and re-organise the space with a new bathroom storage unit, vanity or mirror cabinet. Use storage baskets to keep your toiletries organised.  

Top tip: If you’re short on space, check out our small bathroom makeover ideas guide. 

And that’s our spring cleaning tips and checklist. Don’t forget to share your Spring cleaning transformations with us @Homebase_UK on Instagram!