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Compost Bins

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A compost bin is a brilliant addition to your garden, enabling you to be less wasteful and create valuable compost for your garden. Food waste scraps, grass clippings, tree leaves, woody prunings and much more can be added to compost bins to save on items going to landfill and produce great compost.
Gardens of every size can benefit from compost bins. With options ranging from 15L to 900L, no outdoor space is too small! Great for the environment and helping you to save money on shop-bought compost and soil, you can use a compost bin for everything from food waste to grass cuttings. Compost is a fantastic habit to adopt, helping to incorporate nutrients from plants, flowers and food back into the soil. If eco-friendly gardening is something that you're interested in, a water butt will also be a good addition to your outdoor space. They're an easy way to collect water, saving it for when your garden needs it most.

For garden waste that's too large for a compost bin, use garden waste bags to take your cuttings to a local recycling centre.