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Pent sheds

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The single sloping ‘pent’ roof on these sheds give you that bit more head room, so you can move around comfortably. This type of shed is great for a garden workshop or for anyone who wants to access their storage without bumping their noggin!


Ranging from space-saving 5x3ft options to a generous 12x8ft, our selection of pent roof sheds includes something to suit every size of outdoor space. Perfect for keeping garden tools, BBQs and garden furniture neatly stored away when not in use, take a look at our range today to ind your perfect fit.

What is a pent shed?

A pent shed has a flat roof that slopes in a single direction, meaning that they can often fit into smaller spaces than typical apex roof sheds. They are also sometimes called single-pitched sheds.

How do you felt a pent shed roof?

Felting a pent shed roof requires the same technique and tools as a shed with an apex roof. You will need shed felt, adhesive, some nails and a hammer. Before you get started, measure the perimeter of your shed roof, adding on five centimetres to each length to ensure you have enough felt for any overlaps. For a full tutorial, take a look at our handy guide and video on how to felt a shed roof.