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When putting a bathroom together, often the little things come last. Even if you’ve chosen a stunning bath and basin combination, the look can be ruined by choosing the wrong finishing touches when it comes to plumbing. Our Oracstar Self Cutting Tap is quick and easy to install, and works effectively to control the water supply to a washing machine. The clamp is simply placed around the water supply pipe and then the tap can be adjusted to compress the pipe, thus reducing the water flow. Ideal for bathroom maintenance, we also have overflow pipes that are easy to fit and are perfect for plumbers and DIY jobs. Whatever you need, it’s key to have the essential bathroom appliances that will keep your plumbing running smoothly.


  • MaKe Overflow 90 Degrees Bend 22mm

    MaKe Overflow 90 Degrees Bend 22mm

  • Overflow Pipe - 22mm x 2m

    Overflow Pipe - 22mm x 2m