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Speedfit Plumbing Fittings

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If you’ve sprung a leak or just can’t make those pipes fit together, a Speedfit pipe fitting could be the ideal solution. They’re the flexible fix that can help you create a masterpiece of your pipes. Combine plastic and copper, as well as pipes of different sizes, simply and easily.

Most of us aren’t plumbers, but with easy-to-use Speedfit fittings you could quickly claim that title. Sorting out the plumbing doesn’t get much easier - simply push your Speedfit connector into place and with a simple twist and lock you’ve made a tight seal.

Speedfit joints and plumbing solutions are amazingly versatile; suitable for hot and cold water supplies and perfect for your central heating, these are connectors you can rely on. They’re even available in bend or tee joints, which means you can join any combination of pipes, even in cramped spaces.