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Indoor Plant Pots

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There’s no better way to display your plants and flowers with pride than in our wide range of garden pots! If your flora is crying out for a new home or your garden is lacking a touch of colour and character, outdoor plant pots are the best way to revitalise your garden quickly and effortlessly. From ceramic to terracotta pots, we offer a rich variety of colours and sizes to suit every style. 


Plant pots are the perfect addition to a garden that’s a little lacking in colour! 

How to Arrange Garden Pots 

There’s a myriad of ways to arrange your garden plant pots, though it may take a little trial and error to discover your optimal arrangement. As well as a classic piece of outdoor decoration, plant pots can be a great way to conceal areas of your garden you don’t wish to exhibit. Whether that’s a bare brick wall or a sparse fence panel, by arranging your garden pots strategically, any unsightly areas of your garden are instantly disguised. They can also be used along the edge of hedges, ponds and sheds, to mark a set of stairs, or along the perimeter of a patio area. To create clear zoning within your garden, try to group pots of a certain material, colour, and finish together. However, if your style is a little more eclectic, feel free to mix and match! 

How to Arrange Garden Pots in a Small Garden 

Utilising plant pots is an ideal way of making a limited garden space appear lush, full, and larger than it really is. By grouping plant pots together in numbers of three or five and arranging the smaller and shorter pots towards the front, it will give the impression of denser greenery and a larger outdoor space. Elevated and tiered garden pots and shelving will add a vertical appeal if you’re struggling for floor space, so you don’t have to compromise on the quantity of plants in your garden. 

 How to Clean Garden Pots 

Cleaning your plant pots thoroughly and regularly is the key to prolonging their longevity and maintaining the health of your plants and flowers. In between growing seasons, remove any remnants of any dead plants and soil from each pot and wash them with warm soapy water. If you identify any spots of mildew, algae, or other stubborn deposits clinging to your pots, you can scrub them with steel wool to dislodge them. Your pots will be shining and ready for a fresh bloom in no time!