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Kids Plant Pot Painting Ideas

Kids painting plant pots

Setting the kids up to paint their own plant pots is a great way to keep them entertained for an afternoon. Plus, it will allow their creativity to run wild, while learning some fun facts about gardening and nature.

Kids love plant pot painting as they can have total control over choosing their own design and colours to paint with. And even better – these personalised plant pots will make great gifts for grandparents, aunts and uncles.

Let’s start with what you’ll need.



Be safe and smart

This is the perfect family-friendly activity. However, as it involves paint and breakable objects, children should always remain supervised. Plus, there may be some stages where an adult will need to take over.

  1. table with kids painting materials

    Prep the kids' painting space

    First, you need to set up a space for the kids to paint.

    Plant pot painting with kids is a messy activity, so put down some scrap newspaper and have everyone pop on apron or old clothes.

    Top tip: If it’s a nice sunny day, why not set the kids up outside? If not, you’ll need to make sure the room they’re painting in is well-ventilated.

  2. adult mixing paint colours on paper plate

    Let them choose their paint colours

    Tester pots are perfect for this plant pot painting activity.

    If the kids aren’t happy with the colours that are on offer – give them a disposable tray or even a paper plate, so they can start to mix the colours together and find their perfect shade.

    Top tip: To keep the kids entertained for longer, you could have them practice some fun design ideas before they paint onto the actual plant pot.

  3. kids using vegetables to make paint stickers

    Let their imagination run wild

    Now it is time for them to paint their plant pots.

    They could paint stripes, dots or even flowers onto their pots.

    Alternatively, opt for something more abstract, and teach them a splattering technique.

    Watch out for paint getting into anyone’s eyes during this step. Have them stick on some safety goggles – or even a pair of swimming goggles for a fun way of protecting them.

    If you have any leftover vegetables, such as potatoes, celery or carrots – cut them into different shapes for the kids to add some fun stamps to their plant pots.

    Another way for you to help them make their plant pots truly unique, is to get some glue and stick on some seashells or pebbles.

    Top tip: Keep the glue well away from the kids or you could all end up in a sticky situation. 

  4. Leave the plant pots to dry and varnish

    Once the kids have finished, leave everything to dry.

    If the plant pot is going outside, you will need to add a layer of varnish to protect it from the elements.

  5. Kids painting plant pots

    Time to plant

    Now the painted plant pots are complete, it’s time to wrap them up ready for gifting! Or, if they’ve made them for themselves, get the kids to fill them with some seeds or yummy herb plants.

    Top tip: Find out how to plant and grow herbs here.

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