Pretty pastel bedroom

Pretty pastel bedroom

The photo inspiration for the colour palette and mood for this bedroom is a scrumptious image of pastel macaroons. The picture has a fresh, feminine feel that is perfect for a bedroom. The palette features a predominant light aqua with off white, dull-mauve, light taupe and warm cream in equal quantities. Focal colours in small quantities are a soft pastel pink and deep raspberry.

Photo inspiration and moodboard

pretty pastel bedroom photo inspiration image
pretty pastel bedroom photo inspiration image 2
pretty pastel final room image

Final room design

To achieve the same, light feel the room features a vintage, hand-painted dressing table and curtains in the light aqua tone, white painted floorboards and a wallpaper with a circular balloon motif, emulating the macaroon shape. The other palette colours have been introduced throughout the overall scheme, within the wallpaper and accessories. The end result is a pretty room with well-balanced colour, good enough to eat!

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