Rodent Control

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Rid your garden of unwanted rodents with the Homebase range of fast-acting and effective pest control products. Whether you’re suffering with pests or just want to protect your plants, rodent repellents and rat killers will get the job done.
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Rodents can cause a range of issues in the garden. They can carry harmful germs and diseases, as well as being able to cause damage to your home. Rats and mice can gnaw at buildings, causing structural damage, as well as biting through wires which may cause a fire hazard. The rat repellents, rodent traps and bait boxes from Homebase can help you catch these nuisance creatures and avoid damage to your property. Once you’ve rid yourself of a rodent problem, it always pays to give your outdoor space a once over with some garden cleaning fluid. It’ll soon be a space where you can relax and unwind without uninvited visitors.