Modern Fireplace Ideas

Whether you’re buying a fireplace for the first time or looking to update your current one, a cosy fire makes for perfect homely addition. Often acting as a focal point, the fireplace you choose can completely transform the look of a room.  To help you out, we’ve gathered our favourite styles and everything you’ll need to consider before buying a fireplace in this modern fireplace ideas guide. 


Things to consider before buying a fireplace: 

What size do you need? 

First, you’ll need to consider the overall size of your room, ceiling height and whether the fireplace is being fitted onto a flat wall or chimney breast. If you have a chimney breast, ensure your new unit doesn’t overhang on the corners. 

Are you looking for an electric or gas fire? 

This will depend on your needs. A gas fire will provide a stronger heat output. However, if you have a small and well insulated room, an electric fire might be more suitable.  

Will you be replacing an existing fire? 

In some cases, replacing an existing fire is as simple as removing the existing unit and installing a new one. If you have an old fireplace that’s been blocked, it can usually be reinstated – but it’s important to have the chimney and flue checked thoroughly by a specialist first. 


Electric Fireplaces 

Low maintenance and versatile, electric fireplaces are a popular choice. With no risk of burns due to the flame-effect and glass pane, an electric fire is ideal for family homes or those with pets.  

Generally easy to install, an electric fireplace doesn’t need a flue or chimney, and requires little upkeep as it doesn’t produce smoke or soot. You may also find electric fireplaces to be more energy efficient than a traditional wood-burning fire. 

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Wall Mounted Fireplaces 

A wall mounted fireplace will give any room a sleek, modern look and is a great option for smaller rooms and apartments.  

Easy to install, they generally require no remodelling as they use brackets to secure the fire to the wall. For those with kids and pets, you can adjust the height of your wall mounted fireplace to keep it out of reach. 

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Fireplace Suites 

A fireplace suite includes everything you need to install a new fireplace – from the hearth to back panel and surround. Available in both electric and gas forms, opting for a fireplace suite can make the buying process much easier.  

Installation is simple as the suites often come fully assembled, suitable for fitting flat to your wall.   

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Fireplace Surrounds 

If you want to update the look of your fireplace without spending a lot, choosing a new fireplace surround is a great hack. A fireplace surround will frame your fireplace, whilst providing aesthetic and safety benefits. 

If you want sleek and sophisticated look, opt for a marble surround with built in lights. If your interior is a little more rustic, go for a wooden style to add warmth to a room. 

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Electric Stoves 

For the appearance of a log burning stove without the fumes, an electric stove is the best choice. Ideal for rustic interiors, an electric stove is generally considered to be more sustainable than wood burning stoves, as the electricity can be generated using renewable sources and it doesn’t emit fumes when heating a room. 

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And there you go! That’s our modern fireplace ideas guide. Don’t forget to share your new fireplace with us @Homebase_UK on Instagram. For more great ideas, discover our other heating and plumbing guides here. 




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